Certification of organic products


    Certification of organic products

    Consumers worldwide are concerned about their health and the food safety. Public awareness is growing over the use of pesticides, chemical fertilisers and antibiotics in agriculture, as well as the use of genetically modified organisms in food production.

    Organic production is a holistic system of farming management and food production that applies processes where the environment, human health, plant and animal welfare are a given priority and are actively protected.

    There has been an increase in demand and production of organic products on the EU market, which has led to the implementation of harmonised policies, standards and monitoring. Organic products are tested and certified in accordance with the EU regulatory framework by impartial third-party organisations and inspections.

    The organic products certification body at Bulgarkontrola SA (BG-BIO-15) is accredited by the Bulgarian Accreditation Service (BAS) and has a Permit issued by the Ministry of Agriculture to carry out certification of organic production. Certification services provided by us enable you to demonstrate that your products are produced in accordance with the EC Regulations and with the requirements of the organic approach to production in:

    • organic and wild growing
    • organic beekeeping
    • organic livestock
    • organic products processing