Certification of construction products


    Certification of construction products

    Every construction project's success starts with the quality of construction materials. Today, construction and related materials are constantly being developed and changed to meet a higher standard of living. Construction and the materials used now both reflect technological progress and the demands of a growing population - which includes maintaining maximum durability with minimum environmental impact.

    Informed consumers and expectations of high quality, safety and sustainability require manufacturers and suppliers to comply with very high standards in order to remain competitive. Compliance assessment services offered by Bulgarkontrola Inc. shall help you to comply with these standards and achieve your goals of increased efficiency, faster market access.

    Bulgarkontrola AD provides assessment and verification of the conformity of the construction products performance as a Notified Body (CE 1814) by the European Commission, registered in the NANDO system, in compliance with the applicable international requirements for construction materials, and holds Permits issued by the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, in accordance with the national legislation - Regulation No. RD-02-20-1/2015 on the conditions and procedure for the use of construction products in construction works in the Republic of Bulgaria and Regulation 305/2011.

    Scope of construction products:

    • Plastics pipes and pipeline systems
    • Metal pipelines, fittings and valves for water supply systems
    • Concrete, lime and masonry mortars
    • Compound materials for concrete and asphalt mixtures
    • Rock materials for hydrotechnical construction
    • Reinforcement steel products
    • Masonry bricks and blocks
    • Chimneys, elements or blocks for chimneys Bituminous and asphalt mixes
    • Products for horizontal road marking
    • Ballast for railways
    • Mixing batteries, showers and flexible bathroom connections
    • Fire hydrants
    • Additives - glass beadings