Certification of lifts and their safety devices


    Certification of lifts and their safety devices

    The market of lifts and their components is becoming more and more global. Without them, the high buildings we live in today and the skyscrapers could not have been built and most industries would not have been developed. They provide us with increasingly convenient and safe access in the modern buildings.

    Lift Directive 2014/33/EC was issued to ensure that lifts and their safety devices are placed on the market in a way that does not put the health and safety of end users at risk. Lift may not be put into service without having undergone a compliance assessment process carried out by a notified body. Under this process, a declaration of conformity and an authorisation to apply the CE marking are issued.

    Bulgarkontrola S.A., as a notified body with identification number CE1814 from the European Commission, registered in the NANDO system, carries out conformity assessment of lifts according to procedures:

    • EC Type Examination
    • Final control
    • Single Product Examination
    • Full QA of lifts and their safety devices

    Technical surveillance of high-risk equipment

    Very rarely we think about whether the lift in a block of flats is safe or whether the escalator in the shopping mall works properly or not. Furthermore, we take it for granted that our living and working environment is considered safety and that there is little risk of an accident occurring.

    Safety requires regular maintenance and
    annual inspections. Inspection is about more
    than compliance with legislation and
    regulations. That is your business's
    responsibility and your customers safety.

    Bulgarkontrola S.A. holds a License issued by surveillance carry out technical surveillance of lift installations in residential buildings, and the inspections provide significant data that can be used to ensure safety and increase the expected life of the lift.