Independent third-party inspections help customers protect their interests throughout the supply chain, from raw materials to finished product. Quality inspections minimise the risk of defective products and protect the brand by ensuring product quality and safety against customer requirements.

    Bulgarkontrola S.A. is the leading service provider in ensuring and evaluating the quantity and quality of products offered on the market. By offering our inspection services, you confirm the specifications, value and safety of your products throughout the supply chain - petroleum products and oils, metals and minerals, agricultural products, food and consumer goods.

    As an accredited ISO 17020 Type "A" Inspection Body, the company performs quantitative control of liquid fuels.


    Bulgarkontrola S.A. inspects the availability and condition of all physical assets, including office equipment, computers, inventory, industrial equipment, tools, vehicles, buildings, etc. We believe that an independent inventory is the only effective method of controlling tangible assets. Years of experience have shown us that even in a well-functioning asset storage system, inconsistencies and shortages occur. Such non-compliances include: natural loss, damage, negligence, including a possible excess.

    The inventory can significantly reduce, and in most cases, prevent financial risks and losses.

    Survey Inspections

    Bulgarkontrola S.A. is a nationally and internationally recognized independent inspection body. Our experts are specialized in the inspection and examination of different groups of goods. We are performing daily inspections of exporters, importers and cargo insurers. Each of our quality inspectors has extensive knowledge and is aware of the fact that buyers and sellers need to receive the necessary information on general quality, packaging, marking, storage and transport conditions in the shortest possible time.

    Damage surveying provides you with independent reports to determine the condition of your cargo or property and any possible cause of the event, helping you to reduce possible financial losses. The independent assessment of Bulgarkontrola S.A. has proven value before the relevant institutions in settling disputes, thereby protecting the interests of customers.

    Stock collateral management

    Whether you are a financial institution, a manufacturer or a commodity trader, mitigating your lending risk is critical and an independent third party collateral management and control service is a necessity.

    Bulgarkontrola S.A. offers expert services for continuous monitoring or periodic on-site inspection. We are the independent and reliable third party providing the necessary comfort and customer service to:

    • financial institutions - to ensure that appropriate collateral security and controls are maintained;
    • the producers/owners whose goods are accepted as collateral.