Laboratory for petroleum products

    Market demands for quality and safety in today's global marketplace, manufacturers, retailers and importers must consider the quality and safety requirements of products in their target markets.

    Renewable and Alternative Fuels

    Bulgarkontrola S.A. has established and continues to have a reputation for independence in laboratory analysis. Through testing, it is necessary to test the physical, chemical or performance-related properties of products and materials to meet specific standards and/or specifications for quality, safety or even sustainability, as well as customer or market demands. Bulgarkontrola S.A. operates with a trusted network of laboratories and testing partners that use the latest inspection methods and cutting-edge equipment to determine the quality required to promote successful trade.

    The accredited and modern laboratory at Bulgarkontrola S.A. and the expertise of our employees provide accurate analytical results to determine the quality of petroleum products in accordance with international and national requirements. The Testing laboratory at Bulgarkontrola S.A. performs a wide range of analyses of all fuel types - gasoline, diesel fuel, biodiesel, bioethanol, gas oils, propane-butane gas and many others.